STUDIO SESSIONS // Bramble Lee Pryde, Interviewed by Katie Brennan

January 24 2016

STUDIO SESSIONS Interview by Katie Brennan. 
In late 2015, seven artists, designers and curators came together to start an art collective. Formed over longstanding bonds and mutual respect for each others diverse work, our collective curates a bi-annual event called GATHER, that showcases the quality designs and goods that we make/ curate in our Central Okanagan studios/showrooms. 

MYTH: La Jeune Martyre, by Amber & Kerisa Denison

December 01 2015

"The color and composition reminded us of Paul Delaroche’s painting “La Jeune Martyre” which translates to The Young Martyr- our project’s namesake. This led to create images we felt were slightly haunting; like a trapped energy or spirit waiting and drifting."

MYTH: "hidden worlds" by Lykanthea

November 15 2015

" hidden worlds [was] shot in bedrooms. Conveying a dreamy, intimate space, the project reflects where I am in my head as I embark on writing a new record.'

MYTH: "gangrene" by sio heartless

October 18 2015
MYTH: "gangrene" by sio heartless // Visual Artist based in Germany


September 29 2015

MYTH: MORNING STAR by MAUDE NIBELUNGEN, Master Dreamer based in Montreal


September 16 2015

BLAKE ARMSTRONG: Visual Artist, based in LA


September 11 2015


5 sets of artists // 3 months // 1 collection. The project is called Myths of Ancestors. It's not a collaboration. It's honouring some of the most inspiring artists around me by handing them complete creative freedom and in return receiving a series of lookbooks that I would never be able to create on my own.


August 11 2015

Parallel to Ancestors, a new project is manifesting: HEW. Time to get back to what I love about creating art– the process.


August 09 2015
nkon-struhkt // v. kuh n-struhkt